Update 2/1/2021:

ISOC announces that the five daily prayers and Jumu’ah prayer will be held at ISOC on the Lawn area only.
The Reopening Committee continues to evaluate the latest guidance from state and local health authorities in coordination with our health and religious team and the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California.
For ages 10 years and older (individuals older than 65 or with underlying health conditions are strongly advised to pray at home)
* New registration required at prayer.isocmasjid.org – previous registration will not be accepted.


Update 12/31/2020:

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  All Prayers Temporarily Suspended at ISOC

To ISOC community, staff, and volunteers:

Please be advised that we received information regarding an individual who tested positive for COVID-19 (the coronavirus) at ISOC.  According to information reported to us, the individual was last on campus on Tuesday, Dec 29th, 2020. Respecting privacy laws, we are not in a position to provide any additional information.

Community members who have been on campus during that same time period are advised to continue self-monitoring and to seek medical care and testing should they present any symptoms of COVID-19.

Based on the severity of the situation with COVID-19 in both in Orange County and the local Muslim community, ISOC has decided to temporarily suspend all activities on campus. This decision was made by ISOC leadership in collaboration with Dr. Siddiqi and the medical professionals on our advisory committee.

There will be no daily prayers or Jumu’ah prayers at ISOC starting Friday, January 1, 2021. There will be a weekly Friday message available on YouTube/Facebook during the duration of the closure. Please check the ISOC newsletter for details.

The health and well-being of our community and team members is our highest priority. ISOC leadership will continue to monitor the situation closely for when we can safely reopen and update our community accordingly.

Thank you for your continued cooperation. Please reach out to the ISOC office (office@isocmasjid.org) if you have any questions.

Update 6/5/2020:

Reopening ISOC: Rules and Guidelines
ISOC is now open for the 5 daily prayers and for Jumu’ah.You must pre-register to attend the daily prayers at ISOC  (capacity limited to 100, read the full guidelines and pre-register at prayer.isocmasjid.org)The ISOC campus remains closed for other events and services.  We will update the community accordingly as we are able to offer more services on campus.

Update 5/28/2020:

Reopening ISOC

Needless to say we are all eagerly awaiting to reopen our beautiful Masjid as soon as possible; however, we will do so by keeping foremost in our decision making process the safety and well-being of ISOC personnel and the community. We are continually navigating through recommendations and guidelines as they become available from all state, county and healthcare agencies so that our actions enable ISOC and the community to make this crucial transition safely and smoothly.
Click here to watch a timely message from ISOC Chairman Br. Hasan Hboubati.


Original Announcement:

Assalamu Alaikum ISOC Community Members,

The ISOC leadership continues to closely monitor the situation regarding COVID-19 and assess the best course of action for our community’s health while staying in compliance with Islamic Jurisprudence and local laws. We have been in consultation with the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California in making the following decision:

The ISOC Campus is temporarily closed until further notice, due to further developing situation and guidelines.

Suspended services include:

  • 5 Daily Prayers
  • Friday Jumu’ah Prayer
  • All On-Site Classes, Events & Programs*
  • Orange Crescent School
  • Insight Academy (Sunday School)
  • Nada Heritage Language School (Saturday School)
  • ISOC Mortuary Building*
  • Cafeteria
  • GR8 Finds (including donations / drop offs)
  • Food Pantry*
  • Bookstore
  • Private Events Booked at ISOC Campus
  • General Walk-in Traffic
    *See “ongoing services” below for revised service

ISOC will continue to monitor the situation and make changes to these measures accordingly.

Will there be any ongoing services?
Yes!  Rest assured during this challenging time, ISOC will continue to serve the community in the following ways:

  • ISOC administrative staff will remain available, by phone (714) 531-1722 and email (office@isocmasjid.org) in order to continue to respond to the needs of our community.
  • OCS administrative and teaching staff will continue working remotely to support our students’ learning. They will be in constant contact with parents and students to provide guidance for online learning.
  • 24 hour guard patrol and surveillance will continue to safeguard our large campus.
  • ISOC will take steps during this closure period to ensure that all areas are professionally cleaned and sanitized, including the carpets throughout the Masjid area.
  • ISOC will be offering online content, including the Sunday Tafseer with Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, Weekly Friday Reminder at 1:30pm, Shaykh Shahid Ali’s Sunday Seerah Class, MYG youth programs, and many other regular reminders and interactive sessions. We highly recommend that you visit our social media sites on a regular basis. Our social media links are at the bottom of this email. For those who need help or guidance on how to connect and view the online content, call or email us for assistance.
  • For community members who need special assistance with daily tasks/grocery dropoffs, contact us by phone (714) 531-1722 or email (office@isocmasjid.org). We have volunteers who can help. If you would like to be one of those volunteers, please visit our volunteer signup page or email volunteer-info@isocmasjid.org.
  • ISOC Mortuary Building will be closed but services will continue to operate and serve the community. ISOC Mortuary will be using an affiliated facility (off campus) that is equipped to operate under these special circumstances. Contact ISOC Funeral Directors for guidance – (562) 843-6797 / (714) 381-0590
  • ISOC Food Pantry will be closed.  For alternatives, please visit 211oc.orgwww.ocfoodhelp.org, or call Bracken Kitchen (714) 542-3577.
  • Zakat Assistance will not be interrupted, although new procedures will be in place and explained for those who call. Please continue to donate your zakat to ISOC so that we can distribute on your behalf in a timely manner to those in need. ISOC anticipates a rise in applications as families face increased challenges.

ISOC will continue to pay staff while most services are suspended – we ask that you continue to donate generously and accept our thanks in advance.

Your support will ensure that ISOC will transition smoothly towards regular programs, services and operations as soon as this difficult time for communities everywhere comes to an end.

This decision was not made lightly and we understand it’s not a simple matter. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. The CDCCalifornia Department of Public Health (CDPH), Governor Gavin Newsom, and Orange County officials are urging the community to limit gatherings and to shelter in place. The Fiqh Council of North America has written clear guidelines regarding the Coronavirus epidemic.

ISOC will continue to monitor the situation and make additional announcements accordingly. May Allah (swt) keep our communities safe and protect us from all calamities.

Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi
ISOC Majlis-e-Shura
ISOC Masjid Board
OCS Board